Let’s try it

Welcome everybody

Today I felt like doing something crazy: creating a blog. Just like the thousands of people behind other blogs I want to express my thoughts.  Although I haven’t figured out yet what precisely I’m gonna write about I know one thing and that’s the fact that I love writing. And I want to write about things that makes me happy, interest me and just generally share the thoughts that go through my mind. Don’t worry I’m not gonna share them all, let’s be honest that would be a lot of effort for me to write down and so boring for whoever is reading this.

So because I’ve not figured out yet what I want to write about in this blog post  I’m going to introduce myself. So I was born in the year 1997, which makes me 18 years old. That makes me legally an adult, but let’s be face it: I’m not really. My mother language is Dutch and I’m from Belgium, but I decided that I want to write in English simply because I love the language. It has something about it that I really like and I hope that my English improves by writing my thoughts on my little tiny space in the world of the internet. So there will be mistakes, don’t judge!

For now I’m gonna leave it here, because I want to watch ‘The secret life of Walter Mitty’ and because my mind refuses to give me more inspiration to write about in this first blogpost.





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