Spending less time on Pinterest and Weheartit is defintely on my to-do (or not to-do) list of 2016! Side note: happy new year, may the odds ever be in your favor this year. (Yes I know, we’re all tired of that line, but who cares I’m still using it) But as I was saying I love Pinterest and Weheartit so much. These sites don’t fail in letting me dream away and they give me a lot of inspiration.

These are all from Pinterest and urban outfitters. (

As you see, I love the Tumblr/ vintage/whatever you name it feel. White or a neutral toned wall is always a good idea. You than can spice up the room by putting a sticker of a map, an iron moodboard, a tapestry,… on your wall. Too make the room feel cozy, you can put on some string lights or lampoons. And the last thing that I love in a room are plants especially succulents and cactus. They’re low-maintance and super cute.

These are just a few pictures and this is also for sure not the only style of decorations and interiors I like. In the next roomspiration blogposts, I will show more of what I like and the things that are really trendy right now.






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